Organic Search


Keyword Research, Definition & Visibility Audit

Organic Search Engine Optimisation commences with comprehensive keyword research across 5 different data sources to define all the relevant keywords. HyperHelium® takes into consideration the volume of searches per month, average cost per click, commercial value, geographic location, device specificity (i.e. desktop, mobile and tablet), online consumer intent (the likelihood of purchasing) and more. HyperHelium® will complete keyword research on commencement of our engagement. Keyword research is an ongoing activity performed.


Website & Search Engine Optimisation

Once all keywords are defined, HyperHelium® commence with a technical audit of your website reviewing it against 185+ different factors.

Among the factors evaluated are: Keyword density (based on the results of the keyword research), page title and meta descriptions, valid code, mobile responsiveness, page load speed, domain authority, page and link status (e.g. broken links, no follow, no index), pages indexed in Google and more.

Note: Google’s algorithm assesses a site to define the relevant keywords to rank for based on website content, page titles, meta-descriptions and competition including assessing technical ranking factors. A website is penalised for each technical issue, affecting rankings. This makes technical optimisation a major consideration in gaining organic rankings.

Technical optimisation takes approximately 10-20 hours (for the average website) to complete and will be completed within the first 2-4 weeks of engagement.


Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation

Once indexed, HyperHelium® will conduct ongoing Search Engine Optimisation raising visibility, tracking and reacting to competitors digital marketing efforts to ensure your website visibility remains strong.

Once initial optimisation is complete, HyperHelium® markets your website to Google for the keywords we are targeting. We work with the 185+ factors on a monthly basis in this process. One example of these factors is a linking strategy to develop relevant high-quality links, raise website authority and ultimately improve rankings. This stage includes the research and identification of websites that have an equal or stronger site authority before establishing links on the sites.

Search Engine Optimisation is ongoing for the length of the engagement – this is monitored daily. We estimate a successful Search Engine Optimisation strategy for a brand-new website would take 6-9 months to see good results – less for existing websites.

Three Steps to Search Success


Let's Talk

We will have a catch up to clarify your goals and objectives and confirm if we’ll be the best partner for your business.



You will receive 12-month forecast with clear milestones and KPI’s that are clearly costed for success.



You will partner with a dedicated account manager backed by digital marketing specialists and business strategy experts to deliver our KPI’s and your goals.