Digital Analytics Excellence

Real Time Dashboards

Maximising performance to the second through real time reports, and ensuring transparency in reporting, is integral to the improvement and success of our partners. HyperHelium®’s Dashboard provides detailed information to allow our partners to monitor key performance indicators in real time.

Integrations & Transparency

Integrated with; Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google API, Moz, Semrush and more, the HyperHelium® Dashboard aggregates data from third parties and provides the user with transparent reports. Through utilising these API’s the results cannot be manipulated, ensuring the partner is receiving accurate and truthful information.

Dashboard Specifics Overview

The HyperHelium® Dashboard reports will provide the following data (subject to your service level agreement);

  • Website Performance
    • Total visitors | acquisition source | bounce rate | audience metrics vs targets | device types | +more
  • SEO Technical
    • Backlinks | external links | domain score | page authority & rank
    • Nominated top 10 competitor analysis comparison of backlinks | external links | domain score | page authority & rank
  • Google Paid
    • Ad spend | CPC | top performing ads | top performing keywords | ROI
  • E-commerce
    • ROI | Revenue Growth
  • Social
    • Engagement | Reach | Impressions | Likes | Link Clicks | Cost Per Click | Cost Per Result | Watch Time
  • Custom
    • Many of our partners have custom built functionality to report on the metrics most important to them and their business

Partnerships Executive

HyperHelium® has dedicated Partnerships Executives who will work collectively with you to ensure you get your ROI and more. Your Partnerships Executive is available at any time and we have formal quarterly strategy meetings with you, typically face to face.